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Brand & Data Deployment

At DeLemon Studio, We are dedicated to deploy your brand online both physically and digitally. For the digital deployment we have a strong digital marketing team and we have designed a hosting system that's equally feature-rich and simple-to-use for physical deployment. Our developers have created a unique Linux cloud web hosting platform plus an intuitive Web Site Control Panel that completely uses its potential. As a result of long hours of programming and bug fixing on our side, we're now in a position to guarantee that all our shared hosting services are risk-free, virus-free, rich in functionalities and effortless-to-work-with. What's more, they feature 99.9% server uptime and 99.9% network uptime guarantees.



Why Our Data Centers are Special

Every business need powerful hosting options, no matter their location. That's why we offer high-quality VPS and Dedicated Servers at competitive prices. Our global network lets you choose the data center closest to your audience for optimal performance.
    • Physical Security95%
    • Redundant Internet Connection99%
    • Energy Efficiency90%
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